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Something new, unusual, inspirational - its about looking up and checking out whats around you.

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Paul de Gelder, Advocate, Adventurer, former Navy Clearance Diver

Improvise Adapt Overcome
Just to prove that a culture shift is possible. We hear from a human who has proved we can change.
Wednesday 21 February, 3.45pm (Auditorium)

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Matthew Evans, The Gourmet Farmer

Welcome to Tasmania - Selling the story of the grower
See Tasmania’s highlights reel and hear from one their most famous exports on how to be a great contributor, love what you do and tell everyone above it.
Tuesday 20 February, 9.05am (Auditorium)

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Chris Helder, Author of ‘Useful Belief’ and ‘The Ultimate Book of Influence’

Nursery Horticulture: No longer a Plan B. If the nursery industry wants to be valued, it needs to value itself. The biggest culture shift of all.
Wednesday 21 February, 3.00(Auditorium)

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Rose Herceg, Futurist, Social Forecaster, Chief Strategy Officer, WPP AUNZ

The Terminator is just a movie. Right?
Unthinkable benefits on the horizon for nursery businesses
Wednesday, 21 February, 1.10pm(Auditorium)

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Mark McCrindle , Social Researcher, Principle at McCrindle Research

Demographic shifts for greenlife growers and retailers to capture!
Understanding where your products will finally rest so you can to sell more.
Wednesday, 21 February, 1.55pm(Auditorium)

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