John Hewson - Keynote Speaker

John Hewson - Final Keynote

John has been invited to speak on the competitive business environment, including commentary on the statutory transition of HAL to HIA and the potential impacts of the Senate Levy Review on nursery industry.

John Hewson has had virtually four careers as an academic and economist, a businessman, a political adviser and politician, and in the media as a columnist and commentator. In economics, he has worked for the Treasury, the RBA, the IMF, the UN, and as a Professor and Head of School at UNSW, and as Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. In business, he is best known as a Founder of Macquarie Bank, Chairman ABN AMRO Australia and as Chairman and/or Director of a host of public and private companies and charities. In politics, he was Chief of Staff and Adviser to the Prime Minister and Treasurer in the Fraser Government, and as a Member of the Federal Parliament, he became Leader of the Liberal Party and the Federal Opposition.

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