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This page outlines the details of the Nursery and Garden Industry (NGI) Structure Review:

1. The current NGI structure;
2. The purpose, scope, process and resources of the review;
3. The authority of the Review Committee;
4. How the review will be funded; and
5. How review recommendations will be reported.

What is the current structure of the NGI in Australia?

The NGI currently operates under a Federated Structure, meaning that the industry has State/Territory Associations. These constitutional members of the federation appoint the board of the national organisation.

Each organisation in the structure has a board and constitution. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place between the State/Territory NGI Associations and NGIA which aims to maintain a strong Australian industry with agreed responsibilities to be undertaken in a cooperative manner. Under the MOU the State/Territory NGI Associations pay an annual subscription to NGIA which is currently $250.00 per member.

The current structure for the NGI is detailed below in the diagram below:

What is the industry structure review and why do we need a review?

The industry structure review is a review of the NGI association structure in Australia to assess the needs of industry stakeholders and understand how well those needs are being met under the current industry structure.

The structure review was initiated after significant changes in the operating environment, which required the NGI association network to consider the priorities, responsibilities and resources of the structure. These were considered in an effort to reduce duplication, significantly improve network efficiency, reduce costs and improve member benefits.

How is the review being conducted?

The review is being conducted by an independent committee made up of current NGI members:

• Gary Eyles, Review Chairman from New South Wales’ AT Eyles and Sons

• Glenn Fenton, Review Deputy Chairman from Victoria’s Nationwide Trees

• Gena Campbell of Queensland’s Redcliffe Garden Centre

• Carl Heyne of South Australia’s Heyne's Wholesale Nursery.

The review Committee can be contacted by email at structurereview@ngia.com.au

The committee will be supported by Down to Earth Research and a facilitator experienced in the structure reviews, Russell Cummings. The Committee receives administrative support from NGIA and in-kind support from the State and Territory Associations. The review is being funded by NGIA; however, the committee members are not being paid for their time. Under the Terms of Reference, the committee is to operate without interference or influence from the NGIA or State Associations.

Following the survey, town hall meetings and receipt of the written submissions, the committee will undertake a workshop to assess all the research conducted and feedback received before making recommendations in their report. Preconceived structure models will not be considered. Recommendations will not be made until industry consultation and adequate research is conducted.

Who can contribute to the review process?

The Committee invites all key stakeholders of the industry, including production, retail and allied members, NGI Associations and other aligned organisations to contribute to the review process.

What are the methods of contribution to the review process?

A number of information and data gathering approaches will be undertaken to capture input for the review. The committee will:

Facilitate industry-wide input via a professionally managed survey of all industry stakeholders.

Consult with the industry association bodies including National and State NGI Boards. The Review Committee will engage with the State Boards as they travel for industry consultation meetings.

Conduct a series of ‘town hall’ consultation meetings between May and July 2016 where they will seek industry input. All industry stakeholders are invited to attend. The schedule of meetings can be found online at www.ngia.com.au or contact your local state association.

Written submissions are being accepted and considered by the Structure Review Committee.

What information is the Structure Review Committee seeking?

The Structure Review Committee is seeking to collect data and constructive input on any aspect relevant to the structure of the NGI in Australia. Some areas of interest may include but are not limited to:

Resources available in order to pursue the industry’s strategic plan effectively.

Priority areas for industry in the advocacy arena and who should be responsible for those areas.

Perception and value of membership i.e. what are the benefits to membership, are those benefits valuable; what did members believed they would receive, is that more or less than what is actually received; how can the network better represent the members, would changes attract new members?

Industry structures i.e. are there alternatives; is a new structure required; do we modify the existing structure; is the current structure appropriate?

Industry positioning: how we are currently perceived; how do we want to be perceived; what is needed to achieve the goal?

What will the Structure Review Committee do with the information collected?

Under the Terms of Reference, the Structure Review Committee, with the assistance of the facilitator, will prepare a report containing recommendations around the structure of the NGI association network in Australia. It is anticipated this report will be available by the end of November 2016 and it will be presented by the Committee to the NGIA Board and State/Territory Boards.

The acceptance and implementation of any recommendations will be undertaken in consultation with the NGIA Board and State/Territory Boards.

What is excluded from the scope of the review?

The Committee will not be required to determine the logistics behind any recommendations made in the report.

The Committee will not consider any issues arising from the Nursery Industry Levy.

Whilst being cognisant of the potential of a wider ‘green’ industry, this is not to be considered for the purposes of a future structure.

How do I get more information?

Contact the Structure Review Committee by email at structurereview@ngia.com.au.