Industry Structure Review

Early in 2016 the industry announced a a broad ranging, whole of industry review of the current structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia. The aim of the review is was determine the most effective and cost efficient structure for the industry and sought
recommendations for the future.

The structure review committee made up of industry members: Gary Eyles, Glenn Fenton, Gena Campbell and Carl Heyne undertook consultation activities including their own Member Survey, consultation meetings with members and Boards, reviewed written submissions and undertook their own research of other organisations. They handed down their report to the joint meeting of all organisations in the network in November 2016.

During that meeting is was determined that further information was required before any decision around a future structure could be made. New Terms of Reference were established and the Structural Change Advisory Committee (SCAC) was formed with the following representatives :

  • Russell Cummings (Independent Chair)
  • Karen Brock of Brocklands (TAS), Industry Member
  • Estelle Cornell of Allora Gardens (NT), Industry MemberGlenn Fenton of Nationwide Trees (VIC) , Industry Member
  • Peter Jong of Jong's Nursery (SA), Industry Member
  • Bruce Pike, Life Member NGINA
The SCAC is an independent committee. Terms of reference for the review have been developed by the review committee and are available here for download.

The cost of the review is to be met by NGIA with in-kind support to be provided by the State/Territory NGI Associations .

You can contact the SCAC via email at