National Reinvention Project

All information on the National Reinvention Project, to establish a new national peak body where businesses and associations can be members called Greenlife Industry Australia is on the dedicated website



The greenlife industry is a $2.4 billion dollar industry. It employs an estimated 25,000 people across the county. The Industry doesn’t just beautify the country with its 1.6 billion plants annually, although it does do that very well.

The Industry is the breeding ground for allof horticulture. It directly contributes to the fruit and vegetables we eat; the timber we build with; the shade we sit under; the oxygen we breath and much more.

The industry structure and governance review was a review of the NGI association structure in Australia to assess the needs of industry stakeholders and understand how well those needs are being met under the current industry structure.


The structure review was initiated after significant changes in the operating environment, which required the NGI association network to consider the priorities, responsibilities and resources of the structure. These were considered in an effort to reduce duplication, significantly improve network efficiency, reduce costs and improve member benefits.


Since early 2016, the network of organisations has obtained independent research, completed two Member led reviews and obtained an independent business report. You can obtain a copy of the business report from Inovact Consulting by request to