Current RD&E Projects

The NGIA Environment and Technical Committee provides independent direction and input into the research, development & extension projects being undertaken by NGIA. This committee also provides strategic leadership on key environmental and technical issues to ensure alignment with the Nursery Industry 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.

An overview of current research, development & extension projects include:

  • The development of research linkages between the nursery industry, research and government organisations through student research projects
  • Access to Minor Use Permits (new or renewals) to provide producers with access to safer, low risk agrichemicals. Further information on permits developed by NGIA can be sourced through APVMA
  • A waste audit and gap analysis of Australian production nurseries to develop best practice in waste management
  • An evaluation of water disinfestation treatment options for key pathogens to validate the requirements of the Nursery Production Farm Management System
  • A review of nursery industry crop monitoring and surveillance methodologies to guide producers in applying a monitoring and surveillance program(s) for key pests across production systems