Nursery & Garden Awards

Presented by the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, the Industry Awards are designed to acknowledge the efforts of businesses and individuals within the nursery and garden industry who strive to achieve best businesses practice. Fore more details on the program and how to enter click Nursery & Garden Awards.

Nursery & Garden Industry National Conference

Every second year Nursery & Garden Industry Australia hosts a national conference as part of our commitment to developing the skills of Industry and providing an opportunity to network. The Conference aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of information for the benefit of whole of industry.

The conference aim is to provide a forum for delivery and exchange of information particularly relevant to the development and prosperity of the industry in order to:

  • Facilitate the adoption of R&D and marketing outcomes through the presentation and transfer of findings and new ideas from the above programs
  • Increase industry profile to internal and external stakeholders
  • Build networks and relationships with partners within and outside the industry
  • Present the industry's strategic direction and future direction potential by identifying future issues and challenges and possible solutions
  • Develop skills and knowledge base through workshops and other such forums to address conference topics.
  • Exhibit trade information and materials.

The conference is held in a different state each year and usually comprises general, specialist environmental and technical sessions. It also incorporates the National Industry Awards presentations where the best of our industry are recognised.