Wise About Water

You can still have a beautiful garden while being wise and efficient about water use!

That's the message promoted by the Nursery & Garden Industry's ongoing consumer campaign which was launched in 2006.

As highlighted in NGIA's consumer research many people are feeling confused, uncertain, and even guilty about using water in their gardens.

The majority of people are looking for solutions to have a beautiful garden while still saving water . . . and they believe their local garden centre is where they should be able to go to find this information.

In response to these trends, NGIA has developed the 'Wise about Water . . . caring about gardens' national, levy funded, campaign which tells consumers that:

  • It is still OK to enjoy their garden;
  • There are easy ways to use water responsibly while caring for their garden; and
  • Their local garden centre is the place to go to find this information.

If you have any questions about the 'Wise about Water' program, contact NGIA on info@ngia.com.au.