Research, Development & Extension (RD&E)

Why Does Our Industry Invest In Research, Development & Extension?

To address key environmental issues

  • Key environmental issues such as natural resource management, climate change, biosecurity, water availability and invasive alien plants continue to impact on the long term health and sustainability of the industry.

To identify opportunities for growth

  • When these key environmental issues are managed well, they can present our industry with opportunities for growth.

To enhance best management practices

  • Investment in research, development & extension can result in improved resource efficiency and enhanced environmental best management practices across whole of industry.

To build stakeholder collaboration/partnership

  • By linking with national research institutions, our industry will enhance knowledge through research and development outputs and make a positive contribution towards the education of tomorrow's industry professionals.

To drive industry innovation, expertise & knowledge

  • Research, development & extension will enhance industry capacity

Investment in research, development & extension creates innovation, expertise and knowledge, promotes a sustainable future and positions the industry as an environmental steward.